i love how the doctor is just laughing at rory’s crotch

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Don’t you dare talk to me about waiting outside a box, because that is nothing, Rory.

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Amy: I love you. I know you think it’s him. I know you think it ought to be him. But it’s not. It’s you. And when I see you again, I’m gonna tell you properly. Just to see your stupid face.


Amy: Go! Go!
We are not leaving you!
Amy: Just get your stupid face out of here!

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Doctor Who Rewatch | S06E10

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#I love how Rory just rolls with shit #oh it’s bigger on the inside #extra dimension okay #oh I died and am a roman #oh my wife’s a ganger #oh let’s blow up some cybermen #oh it’s a robot that shrinks people #have we even ever seen him freak out about anything? #he’s like the chillest person to ever hit the TARDIS

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I’m going to pull time apart for you.

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