Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman

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Doctor: Don’t drop the banana!

Jack: Why not?!

Doctor: Good source of potassium!


Doctor: Always take a banana to a party, Rose.

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"I wanted to dive under the Cyberman’s legs. I thought that would be an expedient and witty way of getting out of the room."

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Marshall: What if you decide to go be a painter and then you realize I don’t fit into your life anymore, and three months becomes forever? Can you promise me that that’s not gonna happen?

Lily: Marshall…

Marshall: ‘Cause if you can’t promise me that, we should just break up right now. I’m not gonna wait around for three months just to have my heart ripped out.

Lily: Marshall, I love you.

Marshall: Can you promise me that that’s not gonna happen?

Lily: Pause.

Marshall: No, Lily, we cannot pause this anymore.